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At FairLease, we believe a fair deal means giving you the information and the power to make the right choices, both about the car and the financing of that car. No tricks. No fuzzy math. No shenanigans. If you dread what we call "showroom combat," you'll be pleasantly surprised by your experience with us.

No matter where you go, shopping for a new car is an emotional process. At many dealerships, it's easy to get beaten down, excited about or settle for a car you won't end up enjoying over the long term. But, at FairLease, our job is to make sure you make the right choices so you can be 100% satisfied with your shopping experience not just today but years from now.

If you already know what you are looking for, great! If not, we’ll help by asking a series of questions about your lifestyle and driving habits and share the latest news on what's available. The more we learn, the more we can help make the deal that's right for you – on the car that's right for you, regardless of make or model.

We’re happy to help whenever you need us, whether you’re interested in one of our cars or just some advice on getting a fair deal someplace else. Feel free to call us at 214-818-FAIR or email anytime.
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